Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I failed again, O Lord. I made void again the promise I made to you. I fell short on doing what I should, and I yielded to my own whims and tendencies.

But to whom shall I go? It is only you who have the words of everlasting life. There's no one who would carry me to the waters. I am dependent on the morsels that fall from your table. I am weak, o Lord. And I am aware that without you, I cannot do anything good.

That's why I come to you again , O Lord. I come to you sinful and sorrowful. Clean me again from my filthiness, consume the darkness that is creeping again to my heart, purchase me again, and restore me, as I approach your great Sacrament of Reconciliation.

And when I come back, may I find the grace to maintain my guard, avoiding the occasion of sin and controlling my urges. May the concupiscence and my weakness be the cross that I bear, as I follow you, trying with all my best to follow your example. Help me and have mercy on me, Lord. Receive me again in your great love for me as I drop down at the foot of your cross. If you will it, you can make me clean. Amen.

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