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Convert your loved ones to the Catholic Faith

Does your heart break when someone close to
you leaves the Church, or refuses to come back to it?

Do you get frustrated when your friends fail to see
the beauty and holiness of our Catholic Faith?

Have you ever wondered what more
you could do to help them see the truth?

To help you bring your loved ones into the Church, veteran apologist Patrick Madrid has gathered into Search and Rescue all that he has learned over the years so you can begin winning souls to the Church right now . . . using prayer, friendship, and common sense.

Search and Rescue will fully equip you for the
task of converting souls to the Catholic Church.  

This book includes . . .
Hundreds of Bible verses 
to help you see the deep Biblical roots
of our Catholic Faith.

Wise and consoling prayers 
to pray before you begin
to speak of the Faith to others.

Quotes from dozens of saints
to help guide you, including
St. Paul, St. Monica, St. Augustine,
St. Basil the Great, St. Jerome,
St. Francis of Assisi, St. Ignatius
of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales,
St. John Vianney, St. Philip Neri,
St. Therese of Lisieux, and
many others.

A 3-tiered Reading Plan
that, over time, will equip even
the least qualified apostles to
present the Faith simply,
intelligently, and persuasively.

And even an Action Agenda
at the end of each chapter,
listing simple steps you can take
now to make the Faith more
appealing to those you love.

As the author of many apologetics books and a veteran defender of the Faith who has traveled the globe bringing souls into the Church, Patrick Madrid has seen what works—and what doesn't.  Now, he has compiled into one place those methods that he has seen work successfully over the years.

In Search and Rescue, you will also learn . . . 
  • When you should share the Faith and when to stay silent—and how to tell.
  • What the Church really teaches (and has never taught): keys to answering many objections to the Catholic Faith.
  • How you can overcome your embarrassment and the fear of failure.
  • The three most common reasons why those you love may refuse to hear what you say—and how to deal with each.
  • Why you must always let God do the talking—and how to be sure you do.
  • Why questions are often better than statements—and the kinds of questions that have been found to be most effective.
  • How to avoid hurtful arguments and ways in which you can find common ground.
Search and Rescue
288 pages — $18.95
paperback and eBook

"This is necessary spiritual reading for
all Catholic apologists."
Francis Cardinal George

"This book can renew your life,
and the lives of others."
Christoph Cardinal Schonborn

"Patrick Madrid here gives you shortcuts
to effective apologetics.  Master the common-sense
techniques in Search and Rescue and watch how your
arguments bear almost instantaneous results."
Karl Keating

"How do you bring a friend or relative back
in the Church?  First, you pray.  Then, you follow
Patrick Madrid's advice in Search and Rescue."
Edward Cardinal Egan

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Today’s popular champions of atheism are often called New Atheists, because they don’t just deny God’s existence (as the old atheists did) — they consider it their duty to scorn and ridicule religious belief. But there’s nothing really “new” about their arguments. They’re the same basic objections to theism that mankind has wrestled with for centuries.

We don’t need new answers for this aggressive modern strain of unbelief: We need a new approach.

In Answering Atheism, Trent Horn responds to that need with a fresh and useful resource for the God debate, combining a thorough refutation of atheist claims with a skillfully constructed case for theism based on reason and common sense. Just as important, he advocates a charitable approach that respects atheists’ sincerity and good will — making this book suitable not just for believers but for skeptics and seekers too.

Meticulously researched, and street-tested in Horn’s work as a pro-God apologist, Answering Atheism tackles all the major issues of the debate, including:
  • Reconciling human evil and suffering with the existence of a loving, all-powerful God.
  • Whether the empirical sciences have eliminated the need for God — or in fact point to him.
  • How atheists usually deny moral laws (and thus a moral lawgiver) in theory but seldom in practice.
  • History’s best arguments for the existence of God — and how to answer objections to them.

With the secularistic modern world turning increasingly hostile to religious believers, it has never been more important to be able to defend the basic reasonableness of theism.

Read Answering Atheism and become thoroughly equipped to rebut atheists’ challenges — and to share with them the good news that God is real.
"Answering Atheism gets high grades on the three R's: It is readable, reasonable, and researched. Its defense of the cosmological argument has depth and detail, yet it is not so technical that you need to take a philosophy course to comprehend it."
Dr. Peter Kreeft
"If you read only one book that that shows the reasonableness and beauty of belief in God, it should be Trent Horn’s Answering Atheism."
Kevin Vost
author of Memorize the Faith!

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