Friday, February 7, 2014

Padre Pio's intercession brings new miracle

Padre Pio visits a young child in the night.
The next morning she woke
completely healed from congenital heart problems.

Joseph Jette was 22 years old when
a fall off scaffolding left him crippled for life.

Br. Andre Bessette tells him to put down his crutches and walk.

He obeyed, and was instantly cured.

A young man leading the evening's 
entertainment at school had lost his voice.

"I'll lend you mine for the evening," said Don Bosco.

The boy projected his voice beautifully all night,
while Don Bosco went instantly hoarse.

God doesn't need humans to work miracles for Him, but as veteran Catholic author Patricia Treece shows in Nothing Short of a Miracle, it certainly seems his good pleasure to perform great miracles by means of human hands.

For more than a quarter century, Treece — America's most experienced and revered saint-watcher — has gathered numerous fascinating reports of miraculous hearings brought about in our lifetime.

Among them is the complete 2005 cure of Sr. Marie Simon-Pierre's advanced Parkinson's disease after she appealed for healing to the just-deceased Pope John Paul II.  After intense scrutiny, the Vatican declared her healing miraculous, leading to John Paul's beatification and canonization.

Here too are tales of scores of lesser-known healings brought to light by Treece's investigations into little-known official Vatican documents, as well as from her many interviews with living witnesses.

You'll read vivid but sober accounts of the lives of the miracles wrought by some of the greatest healers of all, with details of authenticated healings by Andre Bessette, John Bosco, Mother Cabrini, Fr. Solanus Casey, Padre Pio, Fr. Francis Seelos, Fulton Sheen, Mother Teresa, and so many more!

The hearings documented here are not hasty judgments made by gullible, overwrought believers.  They're instantaneous, complete, and permanent cures for which scientific medicine still has no explanations — cures that also meet the Vatican's stringent seven-part test of authenticity.

In an age in which science claims to have all the answers, this book shows that there is, indeed, a God working in the world — and He is working through His Holy Church and through His holy saints.  

"This book will give you confidence that God continues to make possible the impossible through those who trust in Him."
Fr. Benedict Groeschel

"Here you'll find answers to questions not just about miracles, but about what can happen if you dare to say yes to the Love behind them."
Matthew Kelly

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Understanding Miracles gives you the most comprehensive, careful, and thoughtful discussion of miracles available today. In reading this book, your eyes will be opened as you finally discover what the Church really teaches about miracles and you’ll learn (among many other things):

✓  What a miracle is (there’s a good chance your understanding is wrong)

✓  The particular miracles we are required to accept; and those we are free to doubt

✓  The five kinds of miracles (and why it makes a difference)

✓  The seven marks of every authentic miracle (can you name even two?)

✓  The benefits that miracles always bring (and the “benefits” that lead the Church — and should lead you! — to doubt that an inexplicable event is miraculous)

✓  The Eucharist: it’s a mystery but not strictly-speaking a miracle. Do you know why?

✓  The strict criteria by which the Church evaluates supernatural events; and the painstakingly slow, methodical way in which it deliberately proceeds with such investigations

✓  How supernatural phenomena like magic, sorcery, astrology, telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, and telekinesis differ from miracles

✓  Rigorous scientific investigation: a true miracle’s best friend

✓  And countless other topics to deepen your knowledge and understanding of miracles, and draw you closer to the Author of them all.

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