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Possessed or diseased? How the Church decides

Sr. Marie-Thérèse Noblet

Unhinged or unholy?

Fiend or fraud?

That’s what authorities had to decide about the Carmelite nun Marie-Thérèse Noblet (1889-1930).

She suffered sudden diseases that were as suddenly cured, chokings, night beatings, unclean visions of blasphemous scenes, violent shakes witnessed by onlookers, foul assaults from filthy beasts, including one she recalled as “full of terrible beauty with eyes full of hate.”


Sr. Jeanne of the Angels
Then there’s Sr. Jeanne of the Angels, the 17th-century prioress of her Ursuline convent, plagued by diabolical visits with an explicitly erotic element, which spread, epidemic-like, to the Ursuline sisters under her care, whose convulsive attacks and obscene contortions scandalized all who witnessed them.

Were these sisters possessed?


Or merely deceitful?

That’s the first question exorcists must answer — the question addressed in True or False Possession? by the world-famous French neuropsychiatrist Jeanne Lhermitte, a man not only conversant with the tangled workings of the human mind but also a pious Catholic, convinced that demons exist and that they can — and do — afflict and even infest humans.

Genuine demonic possessions, admits Lhermitte, evade the explanations and exceed the competence of even the wisest physicians: they must not be handled in the clinic, but by the Church.  At the same time, exorcisms will not help the symptoms of those who are mentally ill.
With sober clarity and reserve, he reviews the detailed clinical records of scores of cases that alarmed our forefathers as well as the cases of people he’s examined personally.

By means of these cases, Lhermitte illuminates the criteria the Church holds to be decisive signs of genuine possession . . . and those other cases that assure us that the influence of the demon is sought in vain — despite the filth and fits, shrieks and slobbering.

"If you want to know the difference between true demonic possession and mental illness, then this is the book for you."
Msgr. John Cihak, S.T.D.
Pontifical Gregorian University

"This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the Church's ministry of exorcism, and for readers who want to better understand the mysterious phenomenon of demonic possession."
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Author of The Catholic Guide to Depression

"This book contains much to be considered both by medical experts as well as those engaged by the Church in deliverance ministry."
Abbot Eugene J. Hayes
St. Michael's Norbertine Abbey

"As a psychiatrist, Lhermitte builds on the Catholic understanding of true possession and helps to treat the always troubling mixture of illness, sinfulness, and the demonic present in such patients."
Rev. Dennis McManus
St. John the Evangelist Seminary


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