Friday, August 22, 2014

How to keep your husband happy, your house clean, and your kids Catholic

Holly Pierlot pounded
her fist on the kitchen table
and yelled at her husband . . .

"I can't take it anymore!"

Mothering and
homeschooling had
overwhelmed her.

The house was dirty, the laundry undone.
She couldn't find time to have fun with
her children or to go out with her husband.

Holly felt frustrated,
discouraged, misunderstood, and alone.

Yes, she still loved Philip and she did love God,
but she'd come to resent Philip's freedom
and she almost never found
time for prayer.

Today, almost
everything is better.

Holly still homeschools,
but the house is cleaner, she gets
more done, and the kids are happier.

There's less stress,
less strife, and less housework.

Holly's been healed of past wounds
that troubled her soul
and her marriage.

Best of all,
she spends at least an hour
each day in prayer and
time each evening with Philip.

Holly brought about these changes
with what she calls her Mother's
Rule of Life, a pattern of living that combines
the spiritual wisdom of the monastery with the
practical wisdom of motherhood.

Holly's Rule is not just another set of schedules;
it's a way for Christian mothers to answer
God's call to holiness.

With the help of your own rule,
you can get control of your household,
grow closer to God, come to love your husband
more, and raise up good Catholic children.

In these wise, practical pages,
Holly shows you how.

Are you ready to be
a better wife and mother?

Are you hungry for more order in your life?

Do you yearn for greater union with
your family, your husband, and God?

With your own Mother's Rule of Life,
you'll transform motherhood and its burdens
into the joyful vocation it is meant to be.

Learn from Holly Pierlot how to create a Rule
that's right for you and your family. Then
use that Rule to help draw you,
your husband, and each of your
children into Heaven!

A Mother's Rule of Life:
How to Bring Order to Your Home & Peace to Your Soul

by Holly Pierlot
$18.95 - 224 pages

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This unique spiritual guide will help you grow holier and more prayerful as you perform the most menial household chores — not in spite of those chores, but in the midst of them.

Written especially for women in charge of households, Holiness for Housewives will help you better understand and respect your vocation as a homemaker — and discover in it your own God-given path to sanctity.

This handy guide will show you how to:
  • Find meaning in even the most boring work
  • Pray in the midst of a bustling household
  • Bear the stress of those long days in which the work never seems to end
  • Develop a greater awareness of God's presence — even amid the diapers and the dirty dishes
  • Learn to rely more on your will and less on your emotions, when life seems to be an endless round of drudgery
  • Handle your burdens and sorrows with prayers that are especially fashioned for homemakers
Let Holiness for Housewives show you how to find and savor the lasting pleasures that await you in your noble, God-given vocation as a wife and mother!

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