Friday, September 19, 2014

What to do when God is silent

Does God ever
seem distant to you?

Do you wish He
spoke more vividly to you?

Do you know how to
respond when God is silent?

All too often,
God can seem
unresponsive and remote.

Even in those moments
of life when you need Him
the most, His silence can be deafening.

In the profound pages of
When God is Silent, Archbishop Luis
Martinez shows you how to trust God
even when you feel isolated and alone.

In these pages, Martinez
helps you realize that God
has actually been closest to you
when He seemed farthest away . . .

. . . and why He often
speaks to you only in silence.

Best of all, Martinez teaches you
the secret of true happiness, which
you can achieve even amid the troubles
that are inescapable elements of every human life.

With sober realism and simple
faith, this book will show you how
to discover — and then to take refuge
in — the comfort our Lord offers you,
even when He seems to sleep.

In these pages, you'll also learn:
  • Why Jesus must be silent in order to refine your love and purify your soul
  • A simple, effective, and gentle procedure for becoming holy in your daily life
  • The three paths to spiritual peace: are you taking them? Do you know what they are?
  • Two times that Jesus grieved — and what He teaches you in each
  • Three surprising things that promote your spiritual welfare — if you know how to use them
  • How the presence of Jesus in your life can transform your experience of suffering
  • The medicine of the spiritual life: why it must often be bitter
"A powerful masterpiece.
A great gem of Catholic spirituality."
Father Benedict Groeschel

"Anyone who wants to progress
in prayer will find graceful help here."
Bert Ghezzi

When God is Silent:
Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life

by Luis M. Martinez
144 pages - $11.95

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Most committed Christians don’t like to admit it, but all too many of us serve God solely out of a sense of duty, without ever approaching the burning love and intimacy that the saints have with Him.

Indeed, many believers don’t even think it’s possible to attain to the heights of holy love that built the great cathedrals and fired the martyrs to give their lives for their Lord.

In Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God Fr. Kilian Healy (who was once the superior general of the Carmelite order worldwide) explains clearly and warmly that God is constantly calling you to intimate friendship with Himself.

Here you’ll find simple, practical ways to think of God continuously, to converse with Him intimately, and to please Him at all times. You’ll learn to see God in creation and to hear Him when He speaks to you (as He’s doing right now, even as you read this line).

Finally, you’ll discover how to offer each day to God in concrete and fruitful ways, and to seek Him always. With Fr. Healy’s help, you’ll master these and other secrets of the holy ones — secrets that will raise your heart exultantly to God and will help you to welcome Him more fully into your soul.

Your soul will awaken to God in a myriad of ways as you learn:
  • Three ways you can offer God everything in your life
  • The one thing you must do, or you will never develop genuine intimacy with God
  • How you can become more aware of God dwelling within you — and see the events of your life the way He sees them
  • Three ways God is present to you right now: how to become fully aware of each
  • And much more that will help you walk continuously and joyfully in the presence of our loving God!

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