Friday, October 31, 2014

Conquer your most stubborn vices

Conquer your most stubborn vices—
and start cultivating virtue TODAY.
There’s more to goodness than keeping the Commandments: you’ve got to cultivate virtue, too, so that you please God in what you do — not merely in what you don’t do.

In this new release of Romano Guardini's classic, you’ll learn countless ways to grow in such virtue.

The wise Msgr. Guardini, a German priest hailed by Pope Benedict XVI as “a great figure,” leads you from a consideration of virtue in itself to a discussion of each of the key virtues that will make you holy and lead you to God.
Here you’ll learn how to begin practicing the virtues and make them part of your daily routine. You’ll also learn about:
  • Envy:  It’s the hidden sin — even in the spiritually mature.  Learn how to fight it
  • Courtesy: how good manners are spiritually vital to souls
  • “What is truth?” The surprising answer to Pilate’s question will transform you
  • Patience: it’s the prerequisite for all moral growth, and only the morally strong attain it
  • Orderliness: not a moral virtue in itself, but lack of it may cost your soul
  • Why a sense of humor is so important — even to your spiritual health
  • The strange contradiction in blaming God for the evil in the world
  • Belief in “progress”: in our day it can be a form of idolatry
  • The tyranny of justice: why so many justice movements turn unjust (knowing this is the key to our future as a society)
  • Asceticism: it’s not just for monks — without it, you may not be saved!
  • Trashy movies: there’s spiritual danger even in the ones that don’t obviously glorify sin
  • Discover why noise weakens the spiritual life, and how silence is balm for your soul
  • Plus: many other topics to help you grow in the virtues that lead you to God!

Learning the Virtues that Lead You to God
by Msgr. Romano Guardini
List Price: $14.95 - 224 Pages
Paperback and eBook

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These pages cut through today's dreary blather about "Jesus our friend" to help recover the sense of the dignity and power of the Son of God.

The holy priest, Romano Guardini, will take you inside the heart and mind of God's Son, helping you to understand the inner logic of Jesus' ministry:
  • Why did He not heal all the sick (in His time and now)?
  • Why did He never travel far from the dusty fields of Palestine?
  • Why did He not simply demonstrate His power to the influential people of His day?
  • Why could He not conform to the conventional ideas of what it means to be a hero?
God is calling everyone to holiness, and if we understand the path Christ took, we can better understand the path God is choosing for us today.

Monsignor Guardini mentored Pope Benedict, just as he will mentor you and bring you to a newfound knowledge of Jesus that will blossom into joy and will nourish your soul.
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