Friday, November 7, 2014

How you can overcome sinful habits

Do you have a sinful
habit you just can't overcome?

Do you confess the same sin over and over,
only to fall into Satan's grip once again?

Are you ready to learn
how to resist temptation?

A grand battle is raging —
right now — for the future
of your soul.

It's not a battle over
abstract ideas and principles . . .

. . . it's a tough, personal
struggle that pits you and God
against Satan.

Worse, the nearer
you grow to God and the
closer to victory, the greater are
the traps the Devil lays in your path.

With God's help, you can
resist temptation, and this beautiful
book will show you how.

Fr. Francis Remler offers
you sound and comforting advice
that only an experienced confessor can provide.

He'll identify temptations
you didn't even know existed . . .

. . .  and he'll guard you against
misunderstandings of what
temptation really is 
— misunderstandings
that may be paralyzing your spiritual growth.

In this marvelously encouraging
and optimistic book, 
you'll also learn:
  • What you can do to guard against temptations when their causes are outside of your control
  • The essential virtue that temptations foster in your soul — but only when you resist them
  • How your patient endurance can become a source of deep and abiding joy for you
  • One thing you can do daily that will make your temptations lose their force over your soul — it's surprisingly easy
  • Why it's so important for you to avoid even thinking about your past sins
  • Occasions of sin: how you should deal with them when you go to Confession
  • An important way you can begin to make up for your sins of the past
  • What you should do if you're afraid that you aren't resisting temptation firmly enough
  • St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Mary of Egypt, and other holy souls: how they resisted even the most virulent temptations
  • Plus much more from an experienced priest who knew the human heart — and how to direct it away from temptations and toward God!

How to Resist Temptation
by Fr. Francis J. Remler, C.M.
$12.95 - 160 pages

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There are a handful of simple habits that have been practiced by every saint. Although holiness may seem out of reach, the easiest way to jumpstart your spiritual journey is to begin implementing these habits in your own life today.

In the spiritual life, if you learn to practice the basics well, God will fill you with the graces you need to persevere. That's why we've combined these simple but powerful books into our Basics of Catholic Living Set.

These books are essential additions to every Catholic's library. Indeed, you'll find yourself returning to them time and time again.

Written by some of the Church's greatest saints and theologians, these short, accessible books will help you practice the basics of Christian living like a pro. Soon you'll find yourself deeply committed to Christ, engaged in an active prayer life, and regularly overcoming common challenges and obstacles that confront you along the way.

In short, read this essential set and you'll soon have a plan of action for developing the habits that are essential to living a Christian life that leads your soul to Heaven.
How to Make a Good Confession shows you how to carry the grace of Confession into your daily life and start winning your battles against sin.

How to Pray Always offers sure ways to recollect yourself so that your prayers are richer and more productive.

The Art of Loving God shows you how to avoid the distractions that trouble and weary your soul, and how you can focus your energy simply on loving God.

How to Make Sense of Suffering helps you see that misfortunes are not the blind workings of chance, but are vital elements in God's loving plan.

How to Resist Temptation identifies for you the elements of temptation and offers practical advice on how to guard against even the unrecognized causes of temptation.

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