Friday, December 26, 2014

Fr. John McCloskey Christmas Message for 2014

Dear Friends and Subscribers to My Website,

Below is my Christmas message for 2014. Please pardon all the "I" words that inevitably follow—all the Glory to God!

A merry Christmas to you all and a holy New Year! Count on my prayers!

The close of 2014 finds me still in northern California. What have I been up to, you may ask? The usual:

• Praying, preaching retreats
• Hearing numerous confessions
• Giving spiritual direction to many
• Celebrating the sacraments
• Cycling and doing power pushups when I can (hard to find squash players and courts in CA, but I manage!).

During the past year, I also wrote over 50 pieces published in assorted venues (newspapers, journals, and online), in addition to blurbs and forewords for several soon-to-be published books. I continue writing regularly for The Catholic Thing, the National Catholic Register, Chronicles, Human Life International, position papers Ireland, and among other venues, including and published in other languages.

In addition, I continue appearing on many radio shows, secular and religious, throughout the country.

I have accomplished much of this with the indispensable help of my ace editor, a fine writer herself (better than me!), Ellen Fielding, to whom I remain humbly thankful and fully obedient. (Hope she continues to think so—she is essential to my work.)

Other occasional writings, along with MP3s and MP4s, have been archived on my website at:

Also to be found on my website is information on Good News, Bad News, my book from Ignatius Press; The Essential Belloc, from Saint Benedict Press; and most recently, a reissued version of Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World, with my long preface on its prophetic presentation of the end of the world. (Even Pope Francis has read this book!) In addition I wrote a new foreword for the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson's now-classic work, The Hand of God, published by Regnery, as well as a foreword for When Faith Goes Viral, compiled by my good friend Philip Lawler and published by Crossroad Publishing. To close the year out I wrote the foreword for Remembering Belloc, written by my good friend Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

By the time you receive this email, a new book on American converts to Catholicism will have been published, with foreword and afterword by Yours Truly. Keep an eye out for it—it should be in every Catholic library. You will be surprised as you read this book by how many people became Catholics—and not only on their deathbed! The book is available from Fidelity Press online.

In addition, all seven of my TV series (so far!) now can be ordered from EWTN as DVDs or CDs, or they can be downloaded from the EWTN website as free mp3s.

To see my most recent writings, visit my website at and look under "recent." On my website you can also opt-in to receive my writings from my website as they appear (, at no charge.

Please recommend it to your many friends. As you know, it's free!

I continue to act as an adviser to Christendom College and to the Cardinal Newman Society, both near my baptismal home in Virginia. I am also an  advisor to the Culture of Life Foundation.

Special thanks to Robert Royal, my patient patron at the Faith and Reason Institute in DC, and to Bud Macfarlane and his trusty sidekick Tim Harrison, who sponsor me on

Please stay in touch if you can, and if you have not done so recently, send me your updated home and business addresses, your cell phone number, wedding anniversary date, and birthdate in 10/12/53 format, as well as the birthdate of your spouse. This helps me to remember you particularly in prayer!

Also, a good .jpg or .gif of yourself and/or your family would help me in praying for your intentions.

With prayers and affection,

Fr. John McCloskey

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