Friday, January 2, 2015

The truth about Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching
supports socialism.

It preaches a mass
redistribution of wealth.

It supports a progressive
political agenda.

Is this really what
Catholic Social Teaching
is all about?


In fact, the Church's
authentic social teachings have been
systematically swept under the rug . . .

. . . teachings about the sanctity of
marriage, the right to life, the dangers
of divorce, and the important role of the
family in building a stable society.

With the writings of Pope Leo XIII
as his guide, Anthony Esolen exposes
those who have distorted Catholic Social
Teaching, offering here a coherent defense
of what the Church truly teaches.

"A brilliant analysis,"
says Fr. Peter John Cameron,
Editor-in-Chief of Magnificat.

"A splendid and essential book,"
adds Dr. Robert Royal of the
Faith & Reason Institute.

In these pages, you'll learn:
  • The four obligations of every state: how their fulfillment promotes the moral and material prosperity of all its citizens
  • The one thing parents must be sure to teach their children (Are you doing it?)
  • Sexual sin: how it leads to rule by a totalitarian State
  • Catholic hospitals: Why secular governments must inevitably come to hate — and attempt to destroy — the Church's charitable work with the poor and downcast
  • How the Church herself is the consummate society
  • True culture: how it's opposed to mass education, mass politics, and mass entertainment
  • Families: they are not measured by the good they bring to the state; the state is measured by the good it brings to families

Only an authentically Catholic
culture provides for a stable and
virtuous society that allows Christians
to do the real work that can unite rich and poor.

You will step away from these pages
with a profound understanding of the
root causes of what afflicts our society . . .

. . . and you'll be well equipped to
propose compelling remedies for them.

"An unapologetic defense
of marriage and family by
America's best Catholic writer."
Fr. C.J. McCloskey

"Dr. Esolen is artful in detecting
the platitudes which have misled our
culture's understanding of the social order."
Fr. George Rutler


Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching:
A Defense of the Church's True Teachings
on Marriage, Family, and the State

By Dr. Anthony Esolen
List Price: $19.99 — 208 pages

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In our hearts, we know that every event in our lives is Providential and that each of us plays a critical role in the unfolding of the story God has written.

We believe that God's will is anchored deep within our soul, and so too is the desire to know and to live it.

In Reflections on the Christian Life, Anthony Esolen claims that the story of your life has already been written — and can be discovered — by considering the life and person of Jesus.

Only in God does the world possess meaning, and therefore only in relation to God are our lives genuine stories.

This book will awaken in you the unshakable confidence that despite even the tragic stories of this life, the good things you've known and loved are not gone forever.  
All that is lost will be found. All will be restored. All will be perfected. Truly, there will be "a new heaven and a new earth" (Rev. 21:1).

Like the star that led the Magi to Jesus, the wisdom in these pages will lead you to Christ. It will instill in you hope that will increase every step of your way.

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