Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The most pro-life story you'll ever read


Chiara Petrillo . . .

. . . the mother who
gave her life to save
her unborn child.


At 28 years old,
Chiara passed away,
her body ravaged by

The emotional, physical,
and spiritual trials of this
young mother are not uncommon.

It was her joyful and
loving response to each
that led one cardinal to call
her a "saint for our times."


Chiara entrusted her
first baby to the Blessed
Virgin Mary, but felt as
though this child was not
hers to keep.

Soon, it was revealed
her daughter had life-
threatening abnormalities.

Despite near universal
pressure to abort, Chiara
gave birth to a beautiful
girl who died within
the hour.

A year later,
the death of her second
child came even more

Yet God was preparing
their hearts for more —
more sorrow, and more grace.

While pregnant a
third time, Chiara developed
a malignant turmor, but
refused treatment that
might have saved her . . .

. . . treatment that would
have risked the life of
her unborn child.

Almost immediately
after giving birth to
Francesco, Chiara's tumor
became terminal and she
lost the use of her right eye.

Her body was tested,
and so was her soul as
she suffered through 
the dark night of the soul.

She said yes to
everything God sent her
way, becoming a true
child of God.

And as her days on 
earth came to an end,
Enrico looked down on his
wife and said . . . 

"If she is going to be
with Someone who loves her
more than I, why should
I be upset?"

Each saint has a
special charism, a particular
face of God that is reflected
through her.

Chiara's was to be
a witness to joy in the
face of great adversity . . .

. . . the kind that makes
love overflow despite the
sorrow from loss and death.

This is her story:

Chiara Corbella Petrillo:
A Witness to Joy

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