Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do this . . . and evils will not meet you

From St. Francis de Sales:

Never Before
Published in English!

It helped bring tens of thousands of
Calvinists back to the Catholic Church.

It defended as an authentic
practice the greatest symbol of our Faith.

It renewed in Catholics a love
for one of our most pious traditions.

Patrick Madrid
calls it "a little gem."

Karl Keating
calls it "an effective tool for spreading the Faith."

Now, for the first time ever, Sophia Institute Press
has translated and published in English St. Francis de Sales's
heroic and eloquent defense of the Sign of the Cross.


In his time, Calvinists foolishly
denounced the Sign of the Cross as a Popish
invention—and many Protestants scorn it even today.  

Embodying the zeal of youth and the wisdom
of age, this gentle jewel of Catholic apologetics traces the
origins of the Sign back to the Fathers of the Church, to the
Apostles before them, and finally to Our Lord Himself.

These pages will bring you a better understanding
of that brief and lively exterior prayer by which God
has been invoked by serious Christians before all endeavors.

Among the other things you’ll learn here:
  • Why now is always the right time to make the Sign of the Cross
  • Why God chooses to attach power to the Sign of the Cross
  • Why it is made on the forehead
  • How to convince skeptics to value and pray with it
  • Two uses of the Sign of the Cross: do you know both of them?
  • How the Sign of the Cross is the antidote to the Mark
    of the Devil

  • Errors in the claims of those who oppose this practice
  • The theological significance of the motions,
    vertical and horizontal

  • Two reasons it has particular power against the Enemy
  • Why you should make the Sign of the Cross
    publicly and often

Outside the Creed itself, there are few
topics to which the Fathers testify as
universally and unanimously as the pious practice of
making, frequently and well, the Sign of the Cross.

With the help of these holy
pages, the saints’ love for it will enkindle yours.

Soon you’ll be saying with St. Jerome,
“With every work, with all of my comings and goings,
may my hand make the Sign of the Cross!”

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As he did for saints and sinners in his own time, St. Francis de Sales will stiffen your resolve and help you gain small victories over unruly passions, and restore in you a trusting confidence in Jesus Christ.

Soon you'll find yourself delivered from the chains of self-love as your soul opens to divine goodness and your heart is shaped into a fitting place for Christ to dwell and reign eternally.

If you find it difficult to live amid the clamor of the world with your eyes fixed on Christ alone, let St. Francis de Sales teach you how to live as a true rose among thorns as you learn . . .
  • What to do when you stop finding consolation during prayer
  • How to place yourself in the presence of God
  • How busy people should pray
  • Do you fear vice more than you love virtue?  A guide to discernment
  • How to be patient with your family
  • The dangers of too many devotions
  • How to know when your feelings are from God or the devil
  • What to do about repeated spiritual dryness
  • The three things you must do to be at peace
  • How to avoid thoughts that give us anxious and restless minds.

Absorb the wisdom in these holy pages, and you'll soon make true progress on your spiritual journey and navigate with confidence the treacherous waters of our secular world.
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