Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How you can overcome sinful habits

Do you have a sinful habit you just
can't overcome?

Have you confessed the same sin over and over,
only to fall into Satan's grip once again?

Do you tell God how close you are to holiness—if
only he would take this temptation from you?

*     *      *

Simple willpower isn't enough when you're struggling against
anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations,
and other common problems.

You need help from the Holy Spirit, and Getting Free
will help you tap into the Spirit's power now.

Bert Ghezzi, author of many popular Catholic books,
helps you see exactly what you're up against in dealing
with temptation and evil influences.

His advice, which is firmly rooted in the wisdom of
the saints, will help you gain the Holy Spirit's power both
in your individual spiritual life and in your relationships.

You will learn how to trust Jesus more, how to control
your thoughts, as well as how to let go of grudges and
place your dealings with others on a firm Christian footing.

You will finally say goodbye to those
nagging problems as you learn:
  • Sexual thoughts: when they're sinful—and when they aren't.
  • Seven often-neglected aids God offers to help you resist sinful impulses.
  • Simple tips on how you can take stock of your problems without growing discouraged.
  • The one thing you must do—or you'll certainly lose all your battles against sin.
  • "Willpower Christianity": why relying on your will to get your life in order is so common—and so dangerous.
  • "The flesh": what St. Paul means when he uses this term—it's not what you think!

Ghezzi's forthright, Holy Spirit-centered
approach gives you trustworthy, tested ways
to gain the freedom that only God can give.

Getting Free: 
How to Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

$9.95 - 112 Pages

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You’ve no doubt taken steps to ensure your safety — and your family’s — from various kinds of worldly calamities. But if you haven’t made sure you’re properly on guard against temptations, you’re setting yourself up for a spiritual disaster of immense proportions.

No matter how devoted to Christ you are, temptations are going to come to you. That’s why How to Resist Temptation is essential reading for every serious Catholic.

The author, Fr. Francis J. Remler, C.M., gives you the benefit of his expertise as a confessor and shepherd of souls, as he shows you how to identify and guard against common misunderstandings of what temptation really is and what it is not — misunderstandings that can paralyze your spiritual growth.

He details ways you can recognize the elements of temptation — and be on guard against often-unrecognized causes of individual temptations. He reveals how you can keep the memories of your past sins from troubling and tempting you now, and clarifies why God allows temptation to exist in the first place.

He even explores the role of the demonic in day-to-day temptations — with firm faith in God’s power.

A marvelously encouraging and optimistic book, How to Resist Temptation even contains useful directions on how you can — believe it or not — actually benefit from temptation, and how you can learn from others’ examples as you fight against temptation.

So the next time the siren song of temptation starts to sound in your ears, don’t try to tough out the struggle alone — call on God’s ever-plentiful grace, and go to battle against sin armed with the wisdom of How to Resist Temptation!
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