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The guide for Catholics seeking salvation

From the ashes of Revolutionary France:

here is help for you to hold
fast to the Faith in a Godless world 

We found this lost classic among the cherished works that French Catholics risked everything to save when the Church was under attack — in the frenzied days of the French Revolution and its aftermath.
Written by Fr. Jean Nicolas Grou, The Spiritual Life might seem on the face of it an odd choice for the embattled Catholics of France to preserve. After all, it only gives a few small hints here and there of the great crisis that was engulfing France. 
Yet preserve it they did. 
A closer look at its contents reveals why: it’s a tough, uncompromising handbook to help you deal with all the obligations and problems of the spiritual life. As such, it teaches you what you need to know and to do when the comforts and supports of life have been swept away. 
Indeed, Fr. Grou reminds you right at the beginning that salvation is only won at a great price. He wrote this book for those who are willing to pay that price themselves. His focus is firmly on Christ, whom he maintains should be the model for your own spiritual life — not just in theory, but in the hard fact of sacrifice and love so great as to pierce your heart. 
Our times are not so far removed from the Godless irrationality that swept across France in Fr. Grou’s day. That’s why, in our own tumultuous age, The Spiritual Life is so desperately needed. It’s the one guide that offers you real help to navigate the treacherous spiritual waters of today’s world, and through it all, to keep the Faith.
Gain the strength of a Faith tried by fire:
  • Not sure you're ready to live solely for God?  Why you'll never find peace in even the greatest pleasures of the world.
  • Are you too weak for hard times? How to strengthen your soul now.
  • Spiritual dryness: why God sometimes withdraws His consolations, and what you must do when he does.
  • Do you fear sinning and forfeiting God's grace?  How this very fear may be the Devil's entryway into your soul.
  • How you can eradicate the ingratitude toward God that creeps into your soul.
  • If you died today, would you be perfectly happy with your spiritual state?  What you can do now to make sure the answer is "yes."
  • Five things you should do every day (and right now) in order to prepare your soul for the trials that are sure to come.
  • What God has a right to expect from you: are you measuring up?
  • And much, much more to help you make real progress in the spiritual life!

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Prayer is our lifeline to heaven, but most of us find prayer easy to neglect and even to forget. We tend to avoid it, and sometimes even resist it. Our fitful efforts at regular prayer frustrate and disappoint us.
Dom Hubert van Zeller knows why.
“Prayer,” says this beloved Benedictine monk who taught scores of souls to pray, “comes from God, is kept going by God, and finds its way back to God by its own power.” Prayer is not something we do, but something God does in us.
Which means that all these years, most of us have approached the problem of prayer backward: we’ve struggled to pray instead of working to remove obstacles to prayer from our hearts — obstacles that prevent God from praying in us and through us.
Sound mystical? Perhaps. But living in accordance with this single truth, elaborated in these pages, not only will make regular prayer possible for you; it will transform your prayers into a source of joy.
Here you’ll discover the true meaning and the proper ways of prayer. You’ll learn the secret of prayer from the example of Christ in the Gospels and from the prayers of the saints. You’ll find out how to overcome distractions in prayer and how to deal with disappointment when your prayers seem not to have been answered.
Finally, you’ll learn how to accept God’s will, no matter how puzzling it may seem; and even — yes — to love it.
Never forget that prayer is your lifeline to heaven. These pages will help you grasp it firmly and never let go. What more could you ask of any book?
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