Friday, November 8, 2013

How to make this your holiest Advent yet

Are you among the few who emerge from
the Christmas season holier than before?

Or are you like most of us...

...running from one activity to another,
never able to celebrate Christmas in the way your soul yearns.


A prayerful Advent is the key to a holy and peaceful Christmas.  That's why the Church has set aside the month of Advent as a time to pray, reflect, and anticipate the coming of our Lord.  

To help make this Christmas your holiest yet, Sophia Institute Press presents Meditations for Advent—a collection of forty short meditations that will lift your soul to God in those hectic days that stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

These pages will keep you mindful of the real meaning of Christmas while affording you an admirable distillation of the doctrines and piety of our Holy Catholic Church.
Meditations for Advent
by Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
192 Pages - List Price: $12.95

These meditations were translated and compiled from the rich collection of prayers by French Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, the Court Preacher to Louis XIV and widely considered to be one of the greatest homilists in the history of the Church.

With the help of Bishop Bossuet—and the sense of God’s grandeur and love that permeates his every word—all through the rush toward Christmas...
  • you’ll stay mindful of the holy words of Isaiah foretelling the birth of our savior;
  • you’ll find yourself marveling at the Annunciation and the Visitation;
  • you’ll rejoice in anticipation of the coming birth of Jesus;

...and, finally, you’ll look forward to kneeling with St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin in silent adoration of the incarnate Son of God.

This year, you won’t (as so often happens) arrive at Midnight Mass distracted, exhausted, and frazzled, having neglected your Advent devotions and your ordinary prayers, too. Instead, you’ll find yourself stepping lightly into church, ready and eager to adore the newborn King, with your soul what it should be: a fit dwelling place for the Redeemer.
Don’t waste another Advent!

Let Meditations for Advent keep you prayerful amidst the worst distractions of the holiday season. Let it draw you daily closer to Jesus, whose birth the season celebrates, and whose birth your soul yearns to celebrate, too.

Meditations for Advent
by Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
192 Pages - List Price: $12.95

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Most important is that you keep mindful of the real meaning of Christmas.  Our newly released Meditations for Advent will serve as an indispensible guide to making this your holiest Christmas yet!

Meditations for Advent
by Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
192 Pages - List Price: $12.95

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