Friday, November 15, 2013

The best St. Nicholas Statue ever!

St Nicholas fresco
From the artistic tradition that created the magnificent icons that grace the great cathedrals of Russia—where, for centuries,
St. Nicholas has been particularly revered and loved—comes . . .


the best 
St. Nicholas Statue

Statue facing left.

It's over 12" tall

Back view of statue.

. . . yet hand-painted, front and back,
with loving attention to detail

(Look closely: note the delicate gradation of tones in the blues and greens, and the warmth captured in St. Nicholas's face. See how carefully even his eyes are painted.)
St. Nicholas face

Look closely at
the Nativity Tableau:

With the Star of Bethlehem shining down on the Holy Family
(and half-a-dozen other bright stars come down from
Heaven to gaze upon them, too) . . .
Detail of Nativity.

. . . St. Joseph lifts his hand to bless the Newborn . . .
Detail of St. Joseph.

. . . who Himself blesses His adoring mother as
she gazes down upon Him:
Detail of the Virgin Mary.

Finally, turning His face directly to us, the Baby Jesus
blesses you and me, too:
Detail of the Baby Jesus.

Nowhere else will you find a statue of St. Nicholas as handsome as this, or as well-crafted.

Take it in hand.
Examine it closely.
It's virtually impossible to find statues of this style and quality at an affordable price.

This is not one more item to clutter your home; this statue is thoughtfully designed to call to mind the profound beauty of the Nativity of Our Lord.
Statue facing right.

If you want this handsome St. Nicholas Statue to grace your home this Christmas (and for many Christmases to come), click the link below or call our toll-free number right away.

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St. Nicholas Statue

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12+ inches; hand-painted
sturdy polymer, made
to last for generations
List price: $60.00
Sale Price: $45.00
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Front view of statue
Holy Family
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What better way to keep Christ in Christmas than to display this stunning wood-carved styling of the Holy Family. At just over a foot tall, this nativity scene fits with any decor, and shows the Holy Family encircled by the tree of life.
Angel Figurines
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At 10 inches tall, this gorgeous set of wood-carved style Christmas angels will add a special holiday touch to your home or office. This set tastefully combines tradition with an updated style, making it a perfect gift for family and friends. 


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