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A lost tradition that will sanctify your home

Rescued from the lost
traditions of our Catholic Faith . . .

A powerhouse of grace
that bridges Church and home . . .

Reclaimed in these
pages for the first time . . . 

Keeping a prayer life
with your family isn't easy.

From herding distracted children
 to managing the endless litany of
prayers and devotions, our spiritual
life often feels frantic and burdensome.

This isn't the way it should be!

Our prayer life
and our family life 
— and can! — be in harmony.

When they are, our family
is a powerhouse of grace, and
our home becomes a Little Eden —
a little bit of heaven on earth.

With simplicity and holy wisdom,
this book shows you how to bring peace
to your home by integrating your family
into the calm, truly joyful way of Mother Church.

Thomas Howard
calls this book
"a rare treasure."

Christopher West
calls it "a superb guide."

Joseph Pearce
calls it "wonderful,
inspiring, and deeply practical."

In these pages, authors David
Clayton and Leila Lawler help you reclaim the
almost lost tradition of the little oratory.

Consisting of a modest table and icons,
the little oratory is a visible sign of
spiritual awareness and devotion . . .

. . . 
spiritually nourishing your family
by extending the Eucharistic worship
of the Mass into your home.

Building your own little oratory is
simple, and in these pages you'll discover
just how easy it is.

In fact, you likely have most of the
pieces in your home already — except,
perhaps, the sacred art.

That's why we've included in this book
eight full-colored icons that are ready
for framing.

Eight full-colored icons are
included in The Little Oratory.

Here are just two of them:

Each icon can be
easily removed from the book
and is ready for framing!


By following the wise advice in this book,
you'll discover the peace and love that
flow from a home that is focused on Christ.

You'll also learn:
  • How to overcome the feeling that you're too busy to pray.
  • How to use sacred art to strengthen your prayer life.
  • How to extend Catholic beliefs and devotions into every room of the house.
  • Why the Liturgy of the Hours is important and how it can make your family holy.
  • How to pray the Rosary with children — and keep the rowdiest of them calm and reverent.
  • The active role children can — and should — play in the prayer life of the family.
  • What to do when only one parent takes the spiritual life seriously.
  • Practical ways to extend the liturgical life into your workplace.
  • And countless other tips to help you practice your faith in the heart of your home.

The Little Oratory:
A Beginner's Guide to Praying in the Home

by David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler
224 Pages — List Price: $19.95

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In this classic of domestic spirituality, you’ll find all the prayers, crafts, family activities, litanies, and recipes that will help make your children ever-mindful of the beautiful rhythm of the Church calendar.

Learn how to make an Advent wreath — and how to make it more than just a pretty ornament.  Teach your children about the real Santa and how to celebrate all twelve days of Christmas, giving them a holy wonder that will continue long after all the presents have been opened.

When Lent comes, learn simple secrets to helping your kids embrace their sacrifices with enthusiasm.  Then, learn how to make your home a place where Holy Week and Easter are duly treated as the highest, holiest days of all the year.

Here Mary Reed Newland will teach you ways to reclaim All Souls’ and All Saints’ from the popular occultism of modern Halloween.  She’ll also show you why Church tradition accords special meaning to certain foods, colors, and symbols and how these add to the incarnational character of Catholic spirituality — allowing children to experience the Faith through sight, smell, touch, and taste.
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