Friday, March 27, 2015

Clues to the mystery of paradise

Do you know
why it's necessary that
scandals beset the Church?

Do you know how to
 tell if you're responding to the
unique gifts God has given you?

God speaks to you.
Are you drowning him out?

*   *   *

Christ hid the
answers to all these 
questions in His Parables.

He knew we couldn't
handle full knowledge of
the state of our souls, or even
what heaven is.

So he gave us His
parables as clues to
the mystery of paradise.

Those clues are revealed
to you in this new book by
popular author and EWTN
television host, Fr. George Rutler

In these pages, Fr. Rutler
guides you through all 24 parables,
unveiling their hidden meanings and
unlocking profound spiritual advice. 

When you join Fr. Rutler on
this enriching tour of Christ's
parables, you'll learn:

The Mustard Seed
Why it gave hope to the early Church
and prefigures her glorious future.

The Hidden Treasure
Are you responding to the
unique gifts Christ has given you?

The Unmerciful Servant
Not only must you forgive, you must
convert the offender. Are you a channel
for God's grace?

Laborers in the Vineyard
Are you letting selfishness and pride get
in the way of the salvation of your neighbor's soul?

The Two Sons
The dangers of agnosticism.
Are you guilty? You may be astonished at the answer.

The Ten Talents
God has given you a special gift.
Do you know what it is, and how you should use it?

The Good Samaritan
Do you know the most overlooked
element of this parable? It may surprise you.

The Rich Man and Lazarus
Learn the evils of self-sufficiency,
and the dangers of taking gifts for granted.

"Fr. Rutler uncovers for us
the light of Christ's parables."
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

"This is a book to be
dwelt upon and treasured."
Dr. Anthony Esolen

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How to know when miracles are
from God, the devil, or the imagination

There are more false claims about miracles than nearly anything else — claims by skeptics and believers alike, few of whom know what the Church actually says about miracles.

The result is a popular culture whose muddled concepts of miracles deny us any sense of the real character, meaning, and majesty of those events, and leaves us blind to compelling evidence that miracles still occur regularly, even in our day.

Now comes the remedy: Understanding Miracles, the book that gives you the most comprehensive, careful, and thoughtful discussion of miracles available today.

In reading Understanding Miracles your eyes will be opened as you finally discover what the Church really teaches about miracles and you'll learn:

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  • The particular miracles we are required to accept; and those we are free to doubt.
  • The five kinds of miracles (and why it makes a difference)
  • The seven marks of every authentic miracle (can you name even two?)
  • The benefits that miracles always bring (and the "benefits" that lead the Church — and should lead you! — to doubt that an inexplicable even is miraculous)
  • The Eucharist: it's a mystery but not strictly-speaking a miracle. Do you know why?
  • And countless other topics to deepen your knowledge and understanding of miracles, and draw you closer to the Author of them all.
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