Friday, March 13, 2015

Two virtues you can't get to heaven without

Does your impatience
cause you to become aggravated?

Does selfishness hinder
your love for others — and for God?

Are you craving the peace
that patience and humility bring?

Pride is the most dangerous of all sins: it cuts you off from God, estranges you from others, and leaves you lost and unhappy.

We all need help conquering this sin, and this guide will help you banish pride from your soul once and for all.


In these pages, you'll learn to recognize pride's many forms (including some that masquerade as virtue), and you'll come to see just why they're such barriers to happiness and to holiness.

You'll also discover the incredible strength of humility, the only virtue that has the power to expel every vestige of pride from your soul. 

Fr. John Hardon
said, "Ullathorne's work on humility is a classic 

it's theology brought down to earth." 

Read Patience & Humility and you will begin experiencing the joys of humility today as you learn: 

  • Ten ways you can start acquiring patience today
  • God's own humility: the searing lesson for the proud
  • Easily hurt? Frequently disappointed? Learn the Lord's antidote!
  • Twelve reasons why you should be humble
  • The hidden rewards that true humility brings
  • Why your troubles might be your most valuable possessions
  • Why God's own patience is the guarantee of your salvation
  • The four ways that patience heals the soul
  • And many other truths to make your life happier and holier


Patience & Humility:
A Handbook for Christians

by Fr. William Ullathorne
$11.95 - 144 pages

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St. Francis de Sales carried
Spiritual Combat in his pocket for 18 years!

It's no longer fashionable to speak of the Christian life as a "battle," but there is actually no better way to describe the tug-of-war for your soul that's raging right now between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.

In Spiritual Combat, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli helps you take your proper part in this spiritual battle so that you can win 
— decisively — the war for your soul.

Spiritual Combat was first published in a world externally much different from ours. But spiritual realities haven't changed, and this book has been cherished for four centuries by saints and sinners alike. Why? Because it gives sober and realistic guidance on how to overcome spiritual obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection and salvation.

Best of all, Spiritual Combat doesn't just tell you what you ought to be doing in order to live a truly Christian life 
— it shows you how.

These directions include:

  • Seven reflections to help you be sorry for sinning
  • Seven ways to achieve the full benefits of prayer
  • Twelve ways to think about death — they'll help you live better today!
  • What to do when prayer is dry and burdensome — or simply impossible 
  • And much more to help you overcome the most formidable spiritual obstacles!

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