Tuesday, June 17, 2014


By: Bobby Quitain

For some reason, something was wrong with our water pipes at home that we found our living room flooded yesterday until this morning. The plumbers came and tried to figure out where the blockage was but couldn't find it.

Then it began to rain. Jeng and I watched helplessly as the rains began to pour. We prayed, "Dear Lord, please make the rain stop. This will just cause further flooding."
But the rain persisted.

Then the plumber noticed that beneath one of the manholes at the garage, water was bubbling as if trying to push its way out. When they opened the manhole, water surged. "Dito ang bara!", one of the plumbers exclaimed. Then they began to work. Eventually, they were able to clear the blockage.

Then one of them whispered under his breath, "Buti na lang umulan."

I whisked around to look at him and verify if what I heard was correct. Then it dawned on me. Because of the rain, water started to flow beneath causing the bubbles by the blockage. Because of the bubbles, the plumbers were able to detect where the blockage was.

In my heart, I prayed, "Lord, you know what's best. Thank you for the rain."

Sometimes, in our lives, we pray for God to prevent some seemingly terrible things from happening only to find out later on that it really had to happen for a good purpose --- for our benefit.

Today, you might be going through some "not so good things" in your life. And you wonder why God is not removing them. Take heart, everything has a purpose. While we cannot fathom God's infinite wisdom, we can take comfort in his ever-reliable love.

The next time the sun shines, I will praise. The next time it rains, I will praise as well.

For while sometimes we cannot understand God's mind, we can always take comfort in his heart.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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