Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Janitor Knelt on the Hard Floor and Prayed

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The janitor knelt
on the hard floor of the Christian shrine
and prayed for the Friday Fax….

                                                                                                            June 19, 2014
Dear Friends,

A man wrote to me some time ago, from a remote part of Spain.

He wanted me to know that he prays for the Friday Fax every single day. The inspiring thing about this man is that he is not a big-shot powerbroker. He does not work at the UN, the US Congress, or the European Union.

In fact, he is a caretaker.

What’s even more moving is that he is a janitor at one of the most important Christian shrines in the world. The Shrine of Torreciudad, which is dedicated to the Mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I do not exaggerate when I say the Friday Fax is read all over the world. I did not know about this man from a remote town in a dusty and distant part of Spain.

I don’t know how he found the Friday Fax, but he finds great sustenance in it. How would he know about the UN if not for the Friday Fax?

Did you know that that the premier pro-life news sites in the world publish the Friday Fax almost every week?

Here is what Steve Ertelt, the founder of, says about the Friday Fax:

“The Friday Fax is sorely needed as it’s a crucial pro-life watchdog of the United Nations and international efforts to publicly and, behind closed doors, push abortion on the rest of the frequently republishes these timely and accurate reports to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest battles CFAM monitors.”

His friendly competitor in bringing pro-life news to the world is John-Henry Westen who founded Here is what he says about the Friday Fax:

“Ground Zero for the Culture War in today's globalized world is the United Nations.  It is there where decisions are made, negotiations hashed out, and policies set which determine the lives and wellbeing of countless people. Therefore it is in that arena that true warriors for the Culture of Life are required.  It is there where keen awareness of the battle, faith and formation are needed to fight for truth effectively. 

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute has plugged in to that battle, providing for the life and family movements throughout the world an essential eye into the process.  The Friday Fax gives the readers of LifeSiteNews in depth and incisive analysis of the skirmishes on the front line.  

We publish few external reports at because we are very careful to ensure accuracy and top notch reporting.  However, we are proud to run reports from the Friday Fax for our readers, and they are greatly appreciated.

Austin Ruse and his team of experienced and faith-filled experts need the support of those who value life and family the world over.  They are fighting for all of us; we need to make sure the soldiers in the Culture War have adequate provisions.  I encourage you to give them your generous support today.”

That’s not all. Here is what Alejandro Bermudez, founder and editor in chief of the Catholic News Agency says about the Friday Fax:

"Friday Fax is the grand daddy and also the youngest and strongest when it comes to reporting on crucial life and family issues from the trenches. Friday Fax information has been decisive in keeping our readers up to date and ready to act when necessary."

So much would be left in the dark if not for the Friday Fax. The enemy wants you in the dark! They hate that we are there every day, sitting in meetings that are supposed to be secret, taking notes and then telling the truth far and wide.

The janitor at Torreciudad would not know about the UN if we did not tell him. and and Catholic News Agency could not afford to set up a UN bureau to get the news, and then their thousands and thousands of readers all over the world would be left in the dark, too!

The Friday Fax is a giant spotlight that shines into the deepest darkest secrets of the UN. The Friday Fax is a giant megaphone that tells the world what really happens here.

Our enemies would rejoice if the Friday Fax stopped publishing tomorrow!

The Friday Fax needs your help.

It costs $200,000 each year to publish the Friday Fax. This includes rent, salaries, health insurance, the cost of email publishing (we publish one million emails a month and that is expensive), the cost of printing and mailing 15,000 hard copies of the Friday Fax newsletter called “Letter from the UN Front”.

Every six months we need to raise $100,000 to cover this expense. Right now we have raised $45,000. Can you help us raise the rest?

Please act now. We happily accept the widow’s mite (and even the millionaire’s mite!).

The average gift to the Friday Fax is $50. Can you send us this? Can you afford more? $100?

Please go HERE and give what you can.


Before you do, though, I ask you to unite yourself in prayer with the Janitor of Torreciudad. He is praying for us today. Will you join him in praying for the Friday Fax?

And go HERE and give as much as you are able. Please know if you are an American citizen, your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Please help us now.

Austin Ruse
Editor/Friday Fax

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