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25 popes recommend this book

"His teachings could have come only from a
miraculous intervention by God."

Pope John XXII

"The teachings of St. Thomas are so vast that they
contain, like a sea, all the wisdom that flows from the ancients."

Pope Leo XIII

"Because his method is concise, clear,
and easily followed, even persons of little
instruction are eager to possess his writings."

Pope Pius XI

The most extraordinary
(and little known) book
ever written about our Faith . . . 

...was not written for philosophers or for
theologians—even though its author was the
incomparable St. Thomas Aquinas, the man
lauded by more than 25 popes as the Church's
preeminent theologian.

Its pages contain the Lenten sermons of St. Thomas
preached to the townspeople of Naples in 1273,
shortly before his death.

Gathered together in one book, these
sermons constitute a complete catechism on the
teachings and practices of our Faith, and reveal
the profound links that bind Holy Scripture to
each of them.


In one volume,
The Aquinas Catechism
gives you:

An introduction
to the Catholic Faith

A refresher catechism
by the Church's greatest mind

A mini-course in Scripture
by a master of the
Bible, with almost a
thousand Scriptural quotations

A brief course in theology
"taught" by the Church's
greatest theologian; and

A defense of the Faith
against its critics.

Best of all, because St. Thomas was not writing
for scholars but preaching to laymen, anyone can
profit from the saintly wisdom found here.

To ensure that happens, we have (as the Vatican
joyfully notes below) designed our edition of
these sermons for ease of use: boldfaced
subheadings on every page make them easy to
read and our handy 22-page appendix outlines
the entire book for you.

"A Masterpiece!"
L'Osservatore Romano
"To give highlights of this masterpiece is difficult
because so much is distilled.  The benefits of prayer
are presented so attractively that one wishes one
could pray for hours on end.  A very clever editor put
in helpful headings and subheadings to bring out
more clearly the meaning of the text.  Now beginners
and advanced scholars alike can understand the faith
more aptly through these brilliant sermons of the
Angelic Doctor."

Don't pass up this
opportunity to learn from
St. Thomas Aquinas himself!

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25 popes consider St. Thomas Aquinas the Church's preeminent theologian because he saw truths about God, our Faith, and the Christian life which had never been seen before.

But do you have time to read the 3,000 pages in his Summa Theologica? Do you struggle to understand the abstract theological terms he uses in On Being and Essence?

Perhaps you, like so many of us, desire to be taught by such a great philosopher as Aquinas, but feel he is well beyond your reach. Not anymore.

In The One-Minute Aquinas, veteran Catholic author Dr. Kevin Vost provides you with simple, readable explanations of St. Thomas's life-giving wisdom.

In this book's lucid pages, you'll read small, digestible portions of St. Thomas's answers to questions such as . . .

  • Why do souls need the sacraments?
  • Why didn't Jesus write the Bible himself?
  • What are simple proofs of God's existence?
  • What is heaven, and what is it not?
  • Why did Jesus allow himself to be crucified?
  • How can I grow quickly in virtue?
  • Who are the angels and what are their powers?
  • Why did God become man?
  • Why did Jesus allow himself to be tempted?
And you'll learn countless, but quick, refutations to the relativistic and secular ideas that are so destructive to our culture today.

We're not all called to be intellectuals, but we are called to have an ever deeper understanding of our Faith.


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