Thursday, July 17, 2014


By: Bobby Quitain

When I was a little boy, my father used to brag about me to his friends. What about? Aside from my good looks, he also brags about one other thing: my good looks. (Pagbigyan niyo na ako.)

Ok, ok. There is one other thing: my basketball future. He told them that one day I will become a great basketball player. It didn't matter if during that time I was like a lanky, tooth-deficient 4 foot 3 grade schooler who couldn't even heave a basketball towards the hoop. When asked why he was so confident that I'd make it to big time basketball, his answer would always be, "Anak ko yata yan! (Of course, coz he's my child".

And because of that, I learned to dream big for myself. Not because I was tall, or skilled or amazingly attractive (well, not so "amazingly"), but because of my father who believed in what I could become.

But I never made it to my dreams. After the summer of 1992, I walked away from the UP Gym... away from basketball... away from my dreams... forever.

I looked at my built --- too skinny.
I looked at my height --- too short.
I looked at my skills --- too limited.

There lies the problem: the fact that I looked at myself more than my Dad. When I forgot about him who believed in Me, I forgot to believe in myself.

In a similar way, my friend, you ought to believe in yourself because your heavenly Dad believes in you. Never ever forget that.

He knows you can conquer that sin.
He knows you can overcome that weakness.
He knows you can love more.
He knows you can serve better.
He knows you can wait longer.
He knows you can rise higher.


Not because of what you can do but simply because of who you are: child of an amazingly limitless and boundless God.

In the Bible, God says: "I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." (2 Corinthians 6:18)

So check your dream book today and dream again.

And never forget that SOMEONE up there is rooting for you!

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