Wednesday, July 30, 2014


By: Bobby Quitain

God can use the worst in us to bring out the best in every situation.

God used Moses, a murderer, to bring life to a dying race.

God used Jonah, a stubborn prophet, to bring a whole town to obedience.

God used Gideon, an insecure leader, to bring security to His people.

God used David, a man who succumbed to the desires of his flesh, to lead a nation to follow the desires of God's Spirit.

God used Peter, an impulsive and weak disciple, to establish a stable and strong church.

God used Paul, a judgmental Pharisee, to bring God's mercy to all the world.

When they turned to Him, He turned them around.

From curses to blessings. From garbage to gold. From nuisance to significance.

If God used them, what makes you think God can't use you?

Let God use you today!

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