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How a Catholic man defied the Nazi regime

Meet the Catholic
Philosopher who Fought
Adolph Hitler

Before Hitler and the Nazis
came to power, they already
had a powerful enemy: the Catholic
philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Thirteen years before Hitler
became Der Fuhrer, von Hildrebrand
saw in Hitler the spirit of the Antichrist.

Against the rising rhetoric of nationalism and anti-semitism,
Hildebrand could not remain silent, as so many did, and he refused to compromise with evil:

"For I am first a Catholic,
then a Catholic,
and yet again a Catholic,
and so on and so on."

The man whom Pope Pius XII called "a twentieth century doctor of the Church," left everything behind, his friends, family, and career, to do spiritual and intellectual battle with the Antichrist.

Most people thought
Hildebrand was a fool.

They thought he couldn't
win, that Hitler's rise
to power was inevitable.

But that didn't
matter to Hildebrand:

"I explained that God calls
 us to fight the Antichrist
regardless of whether we triumph,
which ultimately is up to God."

This book is the story of that fight.
Written in his own words, for his wife,
Alice von Hildebrand, and only now,
for the first time, published in English.

It is the story of how a
Catholic philosopher became
"the architect of the intellectual
resistance" to Nazism . . .

 and how Dr. von Hildebrand became
Hitler's "public enemy number one."

In this book you'll find:
  • A heroic model of Catholic resistance for our own day
  • Lessons on the importance of Catholic philosophy in politics
  • How it was that so many Catholics compromised with the Nazis
  • A thrilling account of Hildebrand's escape from Vienna
  • Renewed courage to resist the Antichrist

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote:
"When the intellectual history of the Catholic Church in the twentieth century is written, the name of Dietrich von Hildebrand will be most prominent among the figures of our time."

Here is that history
in Dietrich von Hildebrand's
own hand.

My Battle Against Hitler
by John Henry Crosby and Dietrich von Hildebrand
$28.00 - 352 pages

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Historian Diane Moczar pulls back the curtain on one of the most important acts in the drama of Muslim aggression against the West: the 500-year-long siege of Europe by the Ottoman Turks.

Tracing the rise of the Turkish people from wandering Asian tribe to mighty pan-continental empire, Islam at the Gates chronicles the heroes and villains, the battles and atrocities, the tragic errors and timely miracles, that marked the Ottomans' incursions from Europe's borders to the very heart of Christendom; and then, by the grace of God, their eventual repulsion and final defeat.

In these pages you'll encounter:
  • The bold sultans, timid emperors, and vile traitors who aided the Turkish advance - and the popes who tirelessly preached Crusade against it
  • Brave saints who rallied Christian forces against the invaders - including the hardy warrior-monk who died in battle at the age of sixty-one
  • The island fortress whose rag-tag defenders continually thwarted superior numbers of Ottoman attackers - defying even the great sultan Suleiman
  • The suffering of millions of Christian families in occupied lands - their children kidnapped and forced into Muslim armies and harems
  • Folk heroes from the hills of Hungary and Albania who rose up against their Ottoman overlords - and whose guerilla tactics inspired their people
  • The tragic fall of Constantinople, seat of Eastern Christianity - its people slaughtered, its treasures plundered, its sacred places befouled
  • Europe's pivotal, improbable pair of victories at Lepanto and Vienna, and the defeat of the last great Turkish offensive on September 11, 1697
Solid history and dramatic narrative make Islam at the Gates a moving look at Europe's long struggle against the Turks. But the author's shrewd Catholic outlook also makes it an edifying one. Had these events unfolded just a little differently, Christian civilization might have been conquered by the sword of Allah. If we fail to learn the lessons of history, Dr. Moczar warns, the West may yet fall.
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