Friday, May 1, 2015

New Groundbreaking Tool in Catholic Evangelization

From the Desk of Charlie McKinney, President

Dear Friend of Sophia Institute Press,

I will email you later this week, as usual, with our special sale of the week, but I didn't want to delay in letting you know about the newest video in our Sophia SketchPad series.
This video on Confession uses some of the most innovative tools to explain the Biblical roots and importance of penance and the Sacrament of Confession.


The video is free, but for only $9.99 teachers can transform this video into an incredible learning experience in the classroom with our viewing guide, classroom-ready lesson plans, and teaching strategies for engaging students with this sacrament.

This is the second video in our Sophia SketchPad series. The first video, which explained the Eucharist, garnered an incredible 67,000 views since its release late last year!

Sophia SketchPad is part of an initiative we launched in 2013 entitledSophia Institute for Teachers.

Through this project, we are providing Catholic educators with the tools and training they need to catechize their students and prepare them to live out the Catholic Faith.

In less than two years, we have partnered with nearly a dozen dioceses to host 50 teacher training workshops nationwide for 3,500 Catholic school teachers.

This effort is funded 100% through charitable donations. If you are interested in helping us catechize teachers and their students, please consider making a donation here.

You can visit Sophia SketchPad at this page. Please spread word of this video among your friends and family so we can help people see the depth, beauty, and richness of our Catholic Faith.

Yours in Christ,

Charlie McKinney

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