Friday, June 28, 2013

How the world ends—a Catholic perspective

Author David Currie grew up
convinced that one day all
true Christians will suddenly
be snatched up to heaven.

Those unfortunate souls left behind by this
"rapture" will endure seven horrible years
of tribulation, at the end of which Christ will
return to earth for a glorious thousand-year

Today, millions of Christians accept this
end-times theology, assuming—as Currie
did—that the Bible clearly teaches it.
Many plan their whole lives around it.

But after studying Scripture for decades,
Currie has come to see that if you accept
the Bible, you have to reject the rapture.

In Rapture—which
constitute the world's most careful and
thorough scriptural study of the rapture—
Currie demonstrates why.

With painstaking thoroughness, he unlocks
the meaning of the key biblical prophecies
that culminate in Christ's Messianic
Kingdom—including those verses in Daniel,
Matthew, and Revelation that rapturists
turn to most.

Marshalling evidence that's as startling as it
is compelling, Currie argues that these
prophecies of war and tribulation don't point
to some still-unrealized apocalyptic future.

Rather, most of them were fulfilled long
ago: the spiritual, priestly Kingdom prefigured
in the Old Testament was inaugurated on
Calvary, consummated in 70A.D. with the
destruction of the Temple, and continues to
exist today . . . in the Catholic Church!

That may surprise you.  Yet, shows Currie,
it's the only conclusion that fits all the
scriptural and historical evidence.

Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves
the Bible Behind
 makes Scripture, prophecy,
and history come alive; and it demonstrates that
if you open your Bible, you'll find that God's plan
for the future of the world is not filled with darkness
and disaster, but with light, mercy, and hope.

"We can learn much from David Currie: not
only from what he shows us in Rapture, which
is wise; but also from how he says it,
which is Catholic and Christian."

Scott Hahn

This Catholic analysis of the "End Times" also includes:
  • A survey of end-times hypotheses from the first century through 9/11/2001
  • Nine ground rules you must follow if you are to make sense of biblical prophecy and relate it to secular events.
  • A history of rapturist theories, showing how the Church has refuted them time and again.
  • A survey of the thoughts of the early Church Fathers about the end-times.
  • Over 1,300 references to Scripture, the Church Fathers, historical events, and rapturist theologians today.
  • Plus, much more to help you understand and evaluate the claims of rapturists.

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