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Your essential Catholic survival guide

Have you ever been faced with
one of these questions? . . .

How can the Pope be infallible when
all men are sinners?

Shouldn’t Catholic dogma develop
to meet the changing times?

Doesn’t prayer to the saints violate the
sole mediatorship of Christ?

Didn’t Catholics invent the notion
of purgatory to make money?

You, like me, have likely been caught off guard by such questions.  Were you left fumbling through answers that were neither clear nor convincing?

If you want an effective tool for countering attacks and clearing up misunderstandings, then The Essential Catholic Survival Guide is the book for you.

This remarkable resource was compiled by our friends at Catholic Answers.  Perhaps you have seen their tracts, which have led to thousands of conversions.

Now, seventy of their best tracts have been compiled for you into one cohesive, comprehensive book that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere to defend the Catholic Faith.  After reading this book, you will be able to offer a clear answer to countless questions, including:
  • What is sola scriptura, and why is it a dangerous belief?
  • Why do Catholics and Protestants number the Ten Commandments differently? 
  • Why do Fundamentalists object to the Immaculate Conception?
  • Since infants can’t freely choose to accept Christ, why do Catholics baptize babies?
  • What biblical accounts support the institution of the Mass?
  • Why do Fundamentalists believe that addressing priests as “father” is an unbiblical practice?
  • St. Paul says that the bishop must be “the husband of one wife.” Doesn’t this mean that bishops ought to be married?
  • Are indulgences considered infallible Church teaching?
  • Aren’t homosexuals born that way?  How can someone be blamed for a condition he didn’t choose?
  • Is it true that more people died under the Inquisition than any war or plague? 
The Essential Catholic Survival Guide is the essence of Catholic apologetics—all rolled up into one attractive, easy-to-use manual that is already being recognized as the most effective tool of its kind.

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"They laughed when I said I could name all 27 books of the New Testament . . . but after I named them all in order, plus the 46 books of the Old Testament, they begged me to show them how I did it.”

Yes, I know that memorizing the Faith is no substitute for living a holy life, but even devout people can’t live by truths and precepts they don’t remember.

That’s why, over 700 years ago, St. Thomas Aquinas perfected an easy method for his students to memorize most any information, but especially the truths taught by Christ and His Church.

As the years passed, our need for this ancient art of memorization grew, yet somehow our culture largely forgot it . . . which is why today, when you and I try to remember a list of things, we have to repeat their names over and over.

Now, thanks to the delightful pages of Memorize the Faith!, you can easily keep all these in mind — and learn the Faith! — by tapping into the power of the classical memory system that helped St. Thomas become the Church’s preeminent theologian, and made it easier for him to become one of its greatest saints.

Here, Catholic scholar Kevin Vost makes available again Aquinas’s easy-to-learn method — the method Dr. Vost himself has used for decades to recall names, dates, and phone numbers.  Indeed, Dr. Vost will teach you to remember virtually anything, but he devotes most of his book to showing you how to improve your memory of Catholic truths so you can live the Faith better.

By the time you finish this book, you will have memorized dozens of key teachings of the Church, along with hundreds of precepts, traditions, theological terms, Scripture verses, and other elements of the Faith that every good Catholic needs to know by heart.

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