Friday, June 14, 2013

Why did Christ choose bread and wine?

Protestants dismiss it.

Secularists mock it.

Even some Catholics are
perplexed by it.  

And yet the Eucharist is the cornerstone
of everything we believe as Catholics.

Do you fully understand this
"Sacrament of sacraments?"

Here's a test . . . 

How could Jesus offer his body and blood

at the Last Supper when he had not yet died?


Why did He choose to use bread and wine

instead of another food or drink?


Did the earliest Christians have the same

beliefs about the Eucharist as we do today?

 “If angels could be jealous of men,"
said Maximilian Kolbe, "they would be so
for one reason: Holy Communion." 

Even so, many of us struggle to see Christ in the Eucharist,
and our spiritual and prayer lives suffer as a result.

If you seek to reap the spiritual harvest flowing
from a fuller understanding of the Eucharist, Sophia Institute's
newest release is just the book for you . . . 


Huge in scope and yet simple and readable, The Most
Holy Eucharist
 covers virtually everything you need
to know about the Blessed Sacrament.

In these pages, the wise Opus Dei priest
Fr. Thomas McGovern also explains for you . . .
  • How the saints and martyrs of the earliest Church instructed their catechumens to approach the Eucharist.
  • The clear and direct responsibilities of all laypeople in the mission of Christ’s priesthood.
  • Simple ways you can unite your sufferings with Christ at every Mass.
  • The three ways in which Christ presents himself in the Eucharist.
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: why the graces flowing from it are even more abundant than those offered through Holy Communion.
  • Simple ways you can begin showing Christ your love for him during Mass.
  • Answered prayers: Why God is unable to refuse anything if you offer him his Son and the merits of his Passion and death.

The Most Holy Eucharist will clear up the dark clouds
of unacceptable doctrine and practice while arming you
against the Evil One who sows seeds of doubt.

Let this book give you the clarity and strength needed for
this spiritual struggle, and you will experience the radiant
and unflinching love of Our Lord through His Blessed Sacrament.

The Most Holy Eucharist:
Our Passover and Our Living Bread

by Fr. Thomas McGovern
304 pages - $19.95

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In this marvelous book, Fr. John A. Kane will stir the embers of your love for the Eucharist into a bright glowing flame, opening the way for you to receive greater spiritual fruit from worthier receptions of Communion and from adoration of Christ in the Eucharist.
You’ll learn how the Eucharist is truly a sacrament of love — a sacrament that not only demonstrates Christ’s love for you, but gives you the grace you need to love God and your neighbor with a fervor unquenched by passing changes in fortune or feelings.
As Fr. Kane opens your eyes to how much God longs to be with you in the Eucharist — and how much He delights in you — you’ll come to experience the Eucharist as that inexhaustible source of grace, peace, and comfort that He intends it to be for you.
Discover from Fr. John Kane:
  • Christ’s silent and secret work in your soul: how you can aid Him in His work through the Eucharist
  • Receiving Communion: how to make your communions dynamic encounters with Jesus
  • Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist: how it can nourish your soul even though it’s beyond earthly understanding
  • Two obstacles to gaining spiritual fruit from Communion: how to recognize and overcome them
  • Why it’s so important for you to spend time in thanksgiving after Communion
  • And much more that will help you know Christ in the Eucharist and love Him more than ever!

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